MACHO IS DEAD (2018.17.02)

It’s one of the reasons I’m here.

We all know the stale stereotype of the IBERIAN MALE. The strong man, hard, determined, powerful, sexual, a little bit bull, a little bit pig. In Spain, men are educated in this way, to be insensitive beasts that can work twelve hours, earn nine hundred euros, carry a family with many children, copulate when asked and close their mouths to any personal problem. If there is any sorrow, they should go to the bar to drink and watch football.

I have grown up in a society (using the term society as WE, and not THE OTHERS) that has imposed values on me without considering their weight. I am expected to be strong, masculine, not afraid, not to have complaints. I have to protect others, lead the group, be the alpha male everyone expects, raise a family, pull everything forward and never waver.

I have no choice but to refuse.

The feminist movements that resurface, by fortune and necessity, at the end of this decade as well as the discourses of gender liberation and sexual identity reveal the new scenario in which the man finds himself, perhaps mistreated by all these currents.

It is a reality that there is a consciousness of NEW MASCULINITIES, where a man can be a man, and that means, if you want to, be sensitive, be afraid, be fragile, need help… or be whatever you want to be as a man, as if that means being what we think a woman should be.

My discourse is this, as is my work. Free men, strong or not. Whatever they choose to be.