What is Xplicit?

Xplicit is a WEBAPP (a website that works as a mobile App) created and developed by artist and programmer Bran Sólo and supported by the Círcle of Artists Paloma Negra. It was born in 2019 as an alternative to conventional social networks where BODY CENSORSHIP is unjustifiably applied and today has tens of thousands of active users.

In Xplicit we understand that the apps available in the usual App Markets have to meet certain conditions of security and content control, since anyone can access them regardless of their age. However, we do not believe that the body is an objectionable subject, as long as it is not displayed in a vexatious or illegal way.

We are a platform where everyone is welcome. You can publish your personal content, or professional if you are an artist, and you can discover thousands of users (we call them bunnies) who want to show and see the content of free people like you.

For this reason, to give freedom and explore the possibilities of a social network WITHOUT CENSORSORSHIP, Xplicit was born.

Remember: Uncensored does not mean that everything goes. We remove accounts whose content shows sexual or pornographic content exclusively, as well as publications of bad taste, low quality, close-ups of genitalia, cropped images, repetitions and spam, among others (see our Terms and conditions).

Enjoy Xplicit!