I paint to never die

For me, the world is a strange and ghostly place. I can’t distinguish faces, usually, and I confuse some people with others. In addition, I live with a functional diversity in my sight that makes me see everything duplicated, like a kaleidoscope, so my mind interprets what it can and does not always get it right.

This, besides giving me a unique vision – literally 🙂 –, makes me understand the world and its inhabitants in a different way. It turns us all into fantasy characters,  differentiated only by the accessories of appearance. That’s why my characters are like that, they belong to an imaginary world, which is actually my real world.

The lines under the eyes are a kind of war mark, a sign of sadness. The big ears are the confirmation that this person is undoubtedly a good person, who has had a difficult past, and has had to learn to forgive others and to take care of those who are different. Blue bodies are the sea, so we are all the same, made of infinite magic, without ties or limits… and the pain seen in all my characters is my own. It is the frustrated desire to be a normal man, what they call normal, to belong somewhere, or to be understood as I think I understand others.

My characters are me. My characters are you. They are your fears, your reflection, and what comes to my eyes when I look at you.