Bran Sólo en Take a page, nuevo proyecto de PAC para ESTAMPA 2021

PAC Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo presents Take a page, a new project within the #NOPORAMORALARTE initiative that seeks to combine serial art, playfulness and performance with the social support that all cultural agents need in these hard times.

On this occasion, we would like to break away from the confinement of recent years by presenting Take a page, an installation consisting of a limited series of six sketchpads, each of which will unveil a black and white illustration by one of the artists participating in the project. The play space will open up when each visitor who acquires one of the drawings can approach the sketchpads and have the possibility to interact with the pieces, tearing the chosen work out of its corresponding notebook and changing the appearance of the installation until a new visitor interacts with it again.

“Take a page” is an initiative, curated by Sara Torres Sifón, with the participation of six artists who stand out in the national art scene: Bran Solo, Little, Mariajosé Gallardo, Carlos Hache, Rosh:. and Mercedes Bellido.

From left to right and from top to bottom: Artwork by Mariajosé Gallardo, Carlos Hache, Rosh:., Bran Solo, Little and Mercedes Bellido.

The #NOPORAMORALARTE project arises as recognition and support for the work of artists. It is a social initiative to support the work of visual artists, photographers, actors, writers, illustrators, designers… since many of the professionals of art and culture do not have the professional and economic support that should exist, as in any other sector. And many times they have to work for the love of art. The money raised with this initiative will be invested in artistic projects where all the agents involved will be paid what is stipulated, as in any job (something not usual in the world of art and culture).

Dates: October 21-24, 2021
Place: Stand 3C26A in Hall 3 of IFEMA
Price of each print: 5 euros