December 21st 2017 – Opening UNFOLLOW in Valencia

Bran Solo at the Paloma Negra UNFOLLOW group exhibition

Next Thursday, December 21st, the second collective exhibition organized by Paloma Negra under the title UNFOLLOW will take place in the creative space The Rubias, in the Ruzafa district of Valencia.
UNFOLLOW is a collective exhibition of painting and illustration in which the members of the Paloma Negra collective as well as several artists invited to the event participate in order to promote their work in the Valencian capital.
The exhibition is framed in the desire to express, from the media pressure of the generation of social content on the Internet, what we believe sets us apart from other artists and that in turn unites us as a group. We are not followers of trends, or artists of repetition, but each of the participants tries to find his or her own style, message and path to follow, as a vital necessity in our artistic career, leading us to be “followed” or “forgotten”. We do not believe in the philosophy of the merely decorative, nor do we join in the fashions in art that are left out of our own innovation shaped by the experience, emotional or technical, of each one of us.
We want to break the monotony and emptiness of contemporary art, and we demonstrate this with UNFOLLOW.
The Rubias space (Carrer del Pintor Gisbert, 10) has been hosting this exhibition since December 21st, and for one month, with the opening ceremony at 9.30pm on Thursday, to which you are all invited.
Access is free of charge and will be attended by the participating artists.
We hope to see you there!
Espinaca Explosiva, Jaume Mora, Jonny Casamenti, TheHugo, Nuria Riaza, Fran Munyoz, Julia Navarro, Bran Sólo, Pascual Rodríguez, Vorja Sánchez, Oct Streitenberger, El Dibujo, Alejandro Llamas, Carlos Fiore y Dino Galvagno