Group exhibition at Taller Balam, Barcelona


Opening Friday 4 June 

from 16 to 20 h

Una mirada LGTBI+ en Taller Balam

Una mirada LGTBI+ en Taller Balam is a unique exhibition that gives artists a voice, allowing us to listen (look, feel…) what they have to say about their diverse reality and their LGTBI+ identities or realities, in an exhibition that aims to provoke empathy in the public, the desire to know and relate to people and realities less known, often relegated to “otherness”, but whose realities are actually very close to our own, as human beings.

Through the works of 11 artists, a wide variety of identities, reflections and interpersonal relationships on affective, sexual and gender diversity are presented. LGTBI+ realities and identities are extremely diverse, each person is different and lives their reality in a different way. Working in a variety of different themes, styles and materials, the different artists in the exhibition freely express their realities, concerns, personalities, identities or relationships with their own person and with society.

The selection of works by beesandbutterflies (Eloisa Alquati)Bran SóloCatalina ParraDani TorrentGuillermo SaavedraLivia GarcíaLuis Rodrigo AnayaMaria de BalanzóMorgane DixneufÓscar Santasusagna and Randomagus

It will also feature the participation of different guest artists who, during the exhibition, will present us with other possibilities of understanding art and LGTBI+ through different events.

It is an honour for Taller Balam to host this exhibition curated by Una mirada LGTBI+.
We look forward to seeing you!

Exhibition at the gallery from 4 June to 17 July 2021

It is an honour for Taller Balam to host this exhibition.

We’re waiting for you!

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