June 23rd 2017 – “The Free Wee Project” at Swinton and Grant, Madrid

The FREE WEE PROJECT initiative, which fights for equality and the elimination of binary gender differentiation, is materialized in the collective exhibition of the same name, which will be open until 29 July in Swinton & Grant.

The bill is in addition to protests against laws such as the HB2 (House Bill 2 – Public Facilities Security and Privacy Act), which was passed in North Carolina in 2016, which regulates that the sex stated on the birth certificate is the only valid one for access to and use of public restrooms.

Free wee

Thus, the FREE WEE PROJECT collective proposes a new reflection from art and cultural management, to this end, 22 artists were invited to re-elaborate the traditional signage of public bathrooms, asking them to eliminate the differentiation by binary gender and favor other neutral distinctives that promote equality from the diversity of citizenship.

Obra con la que participa Bran Sólo, Tocador
Bran Sólo, Tocador

The participating artists, in alphabetical order, are: Pedro Almeida, Amaia Arrazola, Jorge Cuadal, DosJotas, Aurora Duque, El Dibujo, Félix Fernández, Olalla Gómez, Roberto López, Alberto Martínez Centenera, Roberta Marrero, Patricia Mateo, Laura Mema, Ruru Mipanochia, Javier Navarro, Andrea Persissinotto, Andrés Senra, Bran Solo, David Trullo, José Antonio Vallejo, Eva Viera y Xuan Villabrille.

And the participation of the short film “Diversxs” by Jorge Garrido and Afioco presented by APOYO POSITIVO.

andrea perissinotto

Dates: Until 29 July 2017
Location: Swinton & Grant, Madrid
2- Piece of DosJotas
3- Piece of Bran Solo
4- Andrea Perissinotto’s piece

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