May 25th 2018 – LIBRA at El Público Library, ELCHE

Next Friday, May 25th, the fourth collective exhibition organized by Paloma Negra under the title LIBRA will take place in the literary space El Público, in Elche.
On this occasion, the collective will present a series of works related to the world of literature from the LGBTI point of view, interpreting their titles and characters with a different perspective, so that the spectator can discover new old works, more respectful of gender identity and freedom in matters of sexuality, directly created on book covers.
Thus, works such as “La Casa de Bernardo al Alba” by Daniel El Dibujo, “Monsieur Butterfly” by Vincent Moustache or “El amante de Lord Chatterley” by Pablo Álvarez, among many others, are presented.
Paloma Negra was born with the purpose of helping artists who work with their own criteria in their work, full of message and effort, search and talent, far from other artistic practices more common in our time. For this reason, this exhibition brings together 36 artists from inside and outside Spain who, we have considered, are full of strength and have a lot to show.
El Público (C/ Mare de Déu del Carme, 10, Elche) has been hosting this exhibition since May 25th, and for one month, with the inauguration at 20.30h on the same Friday to which you are all invited.
Access is free of charge and will be attended by the participating artists.
We hope to see you there!
Bran Sólo, El DibujoEl Niño MaravillaElectric GirlElena GarnuJavi CodinaJonny CasamentiJuan DormitorioJulio GuijarroMIVO (Miguel Ivorra)Marta MuñizMiguel RualNoelia FernándezPablo ÁlvarezPol GorezjeRandomagusRubén EspínMr.SIsTheHugoVincent Moustache y Víctxr.