November 23rd 2017 – Ansak, by Bran Sólo at Kipfer&Lover, Málaga

On the 23rd of November at 20:00h will be inaugurated in Kipfer&Lover (Málaga) the individual exhibition ANSAK of Bran Solo.

The illustrator returns to the place where he saw his first solo exhibition, with an unbeatable welcome, to inaugurate not only a show of portraits and emotions, which it is, but a new stage in his work that marks the beginning of a new style, more personal and deeper.

“Ansak (أنساك,”I forget you” in Arabic) is a collection of portraits and small scenes that, composed in a style closer to painting than to the illustration I am accustomed to, creates windows, or mirrors, where characters linked in various ways to the concept of “forgetfulness”are looked at. They are my forgotten beings, or those who forget me, who live in a longed-for world that I only remember one face from, or are faces that I can never forget.

You are all invited to the inauguration of the 23rd of November at 20:00 h in Kipfer&Lover (Calle San Juan de Letrán, 21, Málaga). Don’t forget that.