November 2th 2017 – “Azul”, by Bran Sólo at El Gallinero, Murcia

Solo exhibition “Azul” (Blue) by Bran Sólo

On Thursday 2 November 2017, the Murcian illustrator Bran Solo ( will inaugurate his solo exhibition “Azul”at El Gallinero Café.

“Blue is not just a color, it is the memory of one of the poetic scenes that inspire me most.

In this exhibition I have brought together the latest works that I have done and which speak precisely of the stories that happen on, under and near the sea.
The blue color, sometimes water, other skies, floods everything and serves as a common universe of numerous beings and places, among which is surely the only blue that I will ever love: the sea.

The exhibition will take place in El Gallinero Café on 2 November 2017 (Calle Enrique Villar, 8,30008 Murcia) at 20:00h. Admission is free and you are all invited.