October 20th 2017 – “The Red Blue Chair” at La Post Street, Murcia

Collective exhibition “The Red Blue Chair” at La Post Street, Murcia.

The design of the Red and Blue chair, from 1917, is perhaps one of the best known works of the Dutch architect Gerrit Rietvel, because he manages to synthesize much of his ideas, influenced by the De Stijl movement, in this furniture. The search for the expression of mathematical structure and the universal harmony of nature were some of the objectives pursued by this design.

This is the idea of the exhibition “The Red Blue Chair”, organized by the artists’ circle Paloma Negra for the well known Murcian store La Post Street.
Our aim is to unite these two concepts: mathematical, decorative or structural with natural, living and emotional.

To this end, 26 artists from inside and outside Spain have created a work using some of the design and decoration objects that can be found in La Post Street, creating a graphic link between the design of the furniture in this interior design studio and the universe of each artist.

We will have Vorja Sánchez, Pablo Álvarez, Espinaca Explosiva, Oct Streitenberger, Juan Castaño, Carlos Fiore, Diego Lizán, Eva Zurita, Juan Dormitorio, Marta Nieves, Itra Malaya, Alejandro Llamas, Eva Poyato, Moisés Yagües, Beatriz Fletes, Rubén Espín, Fran Munyoz, Anna Crespo, Electric Girl.

The inauguration will take place in La Post Street, C/ Frenería 8, Murcia, on Friday 20 October 2017 at 20.00 h. Free admission.

You’re all invited!