September 15th 2017 – “Frankenstein is not the monster” at Espacio Nigredo, Madrid

Frankenstein is not the monster // Espacio Nigredo // Hybrid Festival

Hybrid is a multi-site festival with free admission that claims the value of hybrid art spaces, those that opt for a more transversal format where art coexists with other disciplines. Hybrid’s objective is to give visibility to alternative private initiative spaces that have left behind the classic concept of an art gallery as a mere exhibition space to become cultural spaces that open their doors to a more diverse and active public.

In its second edition, the festival has the participation of 40 spaces that from Friday 15 to Sunday 24 September will be part of a tour of exhibitions and activities inside and outside the center of Madrid.
Exhibition:’ Frankenstein is not the monster’.
Artists: Nino Maza, Daniel Barceló, Ana del Amor and Bran Solo

Frankenstein is not the monster, it is the process of the self/artist, it is a curative project based on the process of production and research of the artist through the work of identity. In this process, the artist’s narratives in relation to his own creation of his work and the curator’s approach when creating this exhibition are emphasized. These first-person narratives become in themselves pieces of the exhibition, pieces framed in light boxes, make this project a clear narrative where the visitor, apart from finding a total installation, in which all the pieces converse with each other, discovers a world of details in the dark through illumination, where he can also immerse himself in a narrative about artistic research to know the “creative identities” of these artists, accompanied by the artist’s artistic research.


Address: Calle de la Primavera 14
Days & Hours: V 15 19-22 SA 23 12-14 | 17-21

Espacio Nigredo seeks to create and develop a space that welcomes people from the artistic and cultural field and to grow their ideas and projects, as well as to create a place in Madrid, where they can enjoy, disseminate and accommodate the most diverse cultural manifestations, making it available to the community.